Certified Sales Recording Systems – Remunerated Passenger Transportation

Once a version of a sales recording system (SRS) has been certified for the Remunerated passenger transportation field of activity, we allow later versions of it to be used. However, the SRS must be recertified if certain changes are made to it. If you are interested in a product below, be sure to check the specifications for each version of it. Each certified version of an SRS is compatible with the WEB-SRM.

Contact us if the product you're looking for is not listed below.

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See Specifications of Certified Products for the specifications and features of SRSs we have certified.

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The certified SRSs listed below are commercial products capable of producing bills.

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Other Certified Products
Product name Product developer
Eva Android Coop de solidarité Eva
Eva iOs Coop de solidarité Eva
Nexus Limofleet Le Groupe Alpha Technologies

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