View Support-Payment Deductions Information

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Purpose of the service

To view support-payment deductions remitted using the Remit Support-Payment Deductions service


Third parties who remitted deductions of support online in accordance with a notice from Revenu Québec requiring them to deduct support payments and arrears, where applicable.

The third party may be an individual in business (self-employed person), a corporation, a partnership or another legal entity and must be registered with Revenu Québec for the purposes of source deductions.

Conditions for use

Be registered for My Account for businesses

Have previously used the Remit Support-Payment Deductions service to remit deductions of support

Please note that our computer systems do not support this service for Macintosh.


This service is not for support debtors who remit support payments to Revenu Québec without going through a third party.

Deductions not remitted by Internet and modifications made by Revenu Québec after deductions have been remitted online cannot be viewed.

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