Validation of a QST Registration Number

To use this serviceAccess Service
Purpose of the service:To validate a QST registration number
  • Individuals
  • Individuals in business
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Other legal persons
Conditions for use: 

The QST registration number to be validated has 16 characters: ten digits, followed by the letters TQ (for the law concerned) and four more digits.

Example: 9999999999 TQ 0001

The system will specify whether or not the first 10 digits are sufficient for the search.

Revenu Québec does not necessarily have on file all the names used by a business (as businesses do not have a legal obligation to disclose them). All business names on file for a given business will be shown.

Validating of a nine-digit number

If the QST registration number you are trying to validate is made up of only nine digits, does not include “TQ” and is the same as the GST\HST registration number, this means the business is a selected listed financial institution and Revenu Québec has mandated the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to administer the QST collected by the business. To validate such a QST registration number, use the GST/HST registry on the Government of Canada website.

You can validate a GST/HST registration number by consulting the GST/HST registry on the Government of Canada website.

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