Transmitting RL Slips Online

To use this service Access Service
Purpose of the service

To file various RL slips and information slips for a given taxation year online (all RL slips – excluding RL-19, RL-20 and RL-23 slips – and RC62, T4A(OAS) and T4E slips)

Note that this service lets you submit RL slips and information slips for the current taxation year, the previous four taxation years or the current calendar year, as applicable.


Individuals in business (self-employed persons), corporations, partnerships and any other legal entity registered as a transmitter

Conditions for use
  • Have a transmitter number (if you do not have one, you must complete the Transmitter Registration Form (ED-430-V), and submit it online)
  • Have an identification number (if you are registered with Revenu Québec, a number was assigned to you)
Restriction The RL slips and information slips in the file you transmit (for example, RL-1 slips) must be of the same type, for the same taxation year and from the same type of package (original file, amended file or cancelled file).

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