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Number Title
BD-81.1-V(2019-05) Claim of an Unclaimed Financial Asset by the Owner
BD-81.2-V(2019-05) Claim of an Unclaimed Financial Asset by the Authorized Representative of an Organization or a Business
BD-81.3-V(2019-05) Claim of a Financial Asset by an Heir or Liquidator of a Succession
BD-81.4-V(2012-08) Declaration of Heredity and Transmission by Death
BD-81.5-V(2018-01) Statement Concerning Unclaimed Property
BD-81.7-V(2018-11) Designation of a Liquidator - Unclaimed Succession or Financial Asset
BD-81.8-V(2017-02) Renunciation of Safety Deposit Box Contents
BD-81.10-V(2015-05) Succession Claim
BD-82.1-V(2016-12) Request to Open a File for an Unclaimed Succession
CA-10.3-V(2013-01) Form to Be Completed by Collection Officers with Respect to the Adjusted Volume of Fuel
CA-51.2.E-V(2016-04) Summary of Gasoline Handling by an Agent Under Agreement
CA-51.2.PA-V(2017-06) Return for Collection Officers Who Have Not Entered into an Agreement
CA-511-V(2012-02) Starter Kit
CAZ-13-V(2019-11) Return for Retail Dealers of Fuel – Fuel Tax
COM-332-V(2019-09) Information on Judicial Recourse
COM-337.T-V(9999-99) Starting a business
DIV-550.T-V(2011-04) Self-employment and taxation (pochette)
FP-159-V(2018-07) Notice of Objection (GST/HST)
FP-189-V(2018-07) General GST/HST Rebate Application
FP-189.G-V(2018-07) Guide to the General GST/HST Rebate Application
FP-505.2-V(2018-03) GST/HST and QST Return for the Self-Supply of a Residential
FP-505.D.A-V(2018-12) GST/HST – QST Return Respecting the Purchase of Taxable Immovables or Taxable Carbon Emission Allowances
FP-505.D.B-V(2018-02) GST/HST Return Respecting Taxable Supplies Imported by a Person That Is Not a GST/HST Registrant
FP-505.D.C-V(2018-02) Return Respecting the Provincial Part of the HST
FP-505.D.D-V(2016-04) QST Return Respecting Property or a Service Brought into Québec by a Person That Is Not a QST Registrant
FP-505.D.E-V(2018-02) GST/HST - QST Return For a Qualifying Taxpayer That Is Not GST/HST or QST Registrant
FP-505.D.F-V(2018-02) GST/HST - QST Return for a Person That Is Not a GST/HST or QST Registrat
FP-505.D.G-V(2015-04) Return Respecting the Specific Duty on New Tires for a Purchaser or Leaser of Tires
FP-505.D.H-V(2015-04) Return Respecting the Tax on Insurance Premiums
FP-505-V(2018-12) Special-Purpose Return
FP-524-V(2018-05) New Residential Rental Property GST Rebate Application
FP-525-V(2018-05) New Residential Rental Property GST Rebate Application
FP-2044-V(2018-03) Election Respecting the Acquisition of a Business or Part of a Business
FP-2074-V(2018-01) Election or Revocation of Election Respecting the Quick Method of Accounting
FP-2190.P-V(2018-05) GST-QST New Housing Rebate - New Home or Modified Home
FP-2620-V(2017-10) Election Respecting the GST/HST and QST Reporting Period
FPZ-558.C-V(2018-09) Calculation of Instalments - GST/HST and QST
FPZ-2500-V(2018-11) Request to Amend a Return
IN-100-V(2013-03) Individuals and Rental Income
IN-103-V(2018-10) Refundable Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses
IN-105-V(2019-01) Instalment Payments of Income Tax
IN-111-V(2017-12) Checklist for New Businesses
IN-112-V(2014-01) Tax Credit for Tuition or Examination Fees
IN-114-V(2017-10) Bankruptcy
IN-117-V(2015-12) Guide to Filing Income Tax Return of Deceased Person
IN-118-V(2018-10) Employment Expenses
IN-119-V(2019-12) New Residents and Income Tax
IN-120-V(2015-12) Capital Gains and Losses
IN-128-V(2016-01) The Tax Effects of Separation and Divorce
IN-129-V(2015-10) Quebec Education Savings Incentive (QESI)
IN-130-V(2019-02) Medical Expenses
IN-132-V(2019-12) Tax Benefits and Persons with Disabilities
IN-151-V(2019-12) Overview of the Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors
IN-165-V(2019-09) Shelter Allowance Program
IN-179-V(2009-05) Tax Credit for Home Improvement and Renovation
IN-202-V(2018-11) Registering with Revenu Québec
IN-203-V(2019-01) General Information Concerning the QST and the GST/HST
IN-211-V(2019-04) The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Medical and Assistive Devices and Drugs
IN-216-V(2019-01) QST and GST/HST:How They Apply to Foods and Beverages
IN-218-V(2019-01) QST, GST/HST and Fuel Tax:  How They Apply To Freight Carriers
IN-219-V(2013-01) An Overview of the Tobacco Tax Act
IN-222-V(2018-11) An Overview of the Fuel Tax Act
IN-228-V(2012-03) The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Charities
IN-229-V(2013-04) The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Non-Profit Org.
IN-231-V(2011-08) Carriers and the international fuel tax agreement
IN-245-V(2018-12) The Work Premium, Adapted Work Premium and Supplement to the Work Premium
IN-249-V(2019-01) Rebate of Taxes and Duties for Foreign Representatives, Diplomatic Missions, Consular Posts, Offices of a Political Division of a Foreign State and International Organizations
IN-255-V(2013-01) Flea Markets
IN-260-V(2018-10) Tax on Lodging
IN-261-V(2019-03) The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Residential Complexes – Construction or Renovation
IN-263-V(2018-03) Consumption Taxes and Producers of Alcoholic Beverages
IN-300-V(2018-03) Self-Employment and Taxation
IN-301-V(2017-10) Employee or Self-Employed Person?
IN-307-V(2018-03) New Businesses and Taxation
IN-308-V(2017-07) Filing an Objection: It's your right
IN-311-V(2019-02) Seniors and Taxation
IN-314-V(2016-03) Taxi Drivers, Limousin Drivers and Taxation
IN-318-V(2016-09) Québec Parental Insurance Plan
IN-456-T(2017-07) Programme d'accompagnement – Notre expertise à votre service! (English courtesy translation)
IN-602-V(2016-10) Your Rights are our Priority! The Bureau de la protection des droits de la clientèle
IN-624-V(2018-04) The QST, the GST/HST and Road Vehicles
IN-647-V(2018-09) Unclaimed Property
IN-900-V(2016-04) Support Payments: Application For Exemption
IN-901-V(2017-03) The Payment of Support
IN-902-V(2016-11) Support Payments – Source Deductions
IN-903.C-V(2013-01) Interpreting the transaction details of your statement of account: Creditor - Support Payments
IN-903.D-V(2013-01) Interpreting the transaction details of your statement of account: Debtor - Support Payments
IN-905-V(2016-04) Support Payments - Last resort financial assistance
IN-907-V(2016-06) Moving? Give us your new address as soon as possible.
LE-20-V(2012-02) Proof of Delivery to a Reserve
LM-1-V(2019-11) Application for Registration
LM-1.A-V(2016-10) Request for Cancellation or Variation of Registration
LM-1.AD-V(2015-09) Notice of Change of Address
LM-3.M-V(2019-10) Request for Direct Deposit - Montréal
LM-3.Q-V(2019-10) Request for Direct Deposit - Québec
LM-14-V(2018-10) Information About a Representative
MR-9.PC.1-V(2018-12) Information for UBER drivers whose only commercial activity is with UBER
MR-9.PC.2-V(2018-12) Information for Uber Drivers who carry  on other commercial activities and who have elected to use the quick method of accounting
MR-9.PC.3-V(2018-12) Information for Uber drivers who carry on other commercial activities and who have not elected to use the quick method of accounting
MR-14.A-V(2016-09) Notice Before Distribution of the Property of a Succession
MR-69-V(2014-05) Power of Attorney, Auth. to Comm. Info., or Revocation
MR-69.MD-V(2013-11) Power of Attorney for Advance Payments - Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors
MR-94.1.A-V(2012-02) Application for the Evaluation of a Financial Situation
RD-1029.7-V(2018-09) Tax Credit for Salaries and Wages (R&D)
RL-2-T(2018-10) Relevé 2 - Revenus de retraite et rentes (English courtesy translation)
RL-3-T(2019-10) Relevé 3 - Revenus de placement (English courtesy translation)
RL-5-T(2018-10) Relevé 5 - Prestations et indemnités (English courtesy translation)
RL-15.G-V(2011-10) Guide to Filing the RL-15 Slip: Amounts Allocated to the Members of a Partnership
RL-16.G-V(2015-10) Guide to Filing the RL-16 Slip - Trust Income
RL-24.S-V(2017-10) RL-24 Summary - Child-Care Expenses
RLZ-1.S-V(2018-10) Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions
TA-6.1-V(2018-06) Permit Application
TA-17.5.R-V(2012-02) Statement of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products
TA-17.5-V(2013-01) Schedule
TA-330-V(2012-02) Application for a Refund
TP-1.D.D-V(2017-12) Schedule D - Solidarity Tax Credit
TP-1.D.O-V(2017-12) Schedule O - Tax Credit for Respite of Caregivers
TP-1.D.V-V(2017-12) Schedule V - Tax Credits for Donations and Gifts
TP-1.F.Q-V(2017-12) Forms and Attachments Kit - Québec
TP-1.F-V(2017-12) Forms and attachements Kit (sans env.-réponse EN-64)
TP-1.G-V(2017-12) Guide to the income tax return
TP-1.R-V(2018-10) Request for an Adjustment to an Income Tax Return
TP-22.S-V(2004-10) Income Tax Payable by an Individual Who Carries On a Business in Canada, outside Québec (Simplified Tax System)
TP-59-V(2013-10) Employment Expenses of Salaried Employees and Employees Who Earn Commissions
TP-64.3-V(2014-10) General Employment Conditions
TP-66-V(2018-10) Employment Expenses of Transport Employees
TP-128-V(2019-10) Income and Expenses Respecting the Rental of Immovable Property
TP-348-V(2018-10) Moving Expenses
TP-646-V(2018-11) Trust Income Tax Return
TP-646.G-V(2019-10) Guide to Filing the Trust Income Tax Return
TP-668.1-V(2018-10) Taxable Capital Gains of a Trust That Give Entitlement to a Deduction
TP-726.20.2-V(2016-10) Capital Gains Deduction on Resource Property
TP-729(2018-10) Carry-Forward of Net Capital Losses
TP-752.0.13.1-V(2016-10) Expenses for Medical Services Not Available in Your Area
TP-752.0.14-V(2018-05) Certificate Respecting an Impairment
TP-772-V(2019-10) Foreign Tax Credit
TP-776.1.ND-V(2019-10) Tax Credit for Recent Graduates Working in Remote Resource Regions
TP-785.2.5-V(2016-10) Property Owned by an Emigrant
TP-930-V(2012-02) Elections Respecting the RRSP of a Deceased Annuitant
TP-935.3-V(2012-10) Repayment of RRSP Funds Withdrawn Under the Home Buyers' Plan or the Lifelong Learning Plan
TP-961.8-V(2012-02) Election Respecting the Designated Benefit from a RRIF
TP-1000.PB-V(2017-11) Authorization to Complete and File a Personal Income Tax Return Online (Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program)
TP-1000.TE-V(2017-11) Online Filing of the Personal Income Tax Return by an Accredited Person
TP-1015.3-V(2020-01) Source Deductions Return
TP-1015.R.13.1-V(2012-01) Statement of Commissions and Expenses for Source Deduction Purposes
TP-1017-V(2019-11) Request to have additional income tax withheld
TP-1019.4-V(2016-10) Register and Statement of Tips
TP-1026-V(2020-01) Calcul. of Instalment Payments to Be Made Individuals - 2018
TP-1026.F-V(2020-01) Calculation of Instalment Payments to Be Made by Trusts
TP-1029.AE-V(2019-10) Tax Credit for the Upgrading of Residential Waste Water Treatment Systems
TP-1029.LR-V(2015-10) LogiRénov Home Renovation Tax Credit 2015
TP-1029.RE-V(2018-11) Tax Credit for the Restoration of a Secondary Residence
TP-1029.RR-V(2009-10) Tax Credit for Home Improvement and Renovation
TP-1029.RV-V(2019-10) Rénovert Tax Credit
TP-1029.SA-V(2019-10) Senior Assistance Tax Credit
TP-1033.2.A-V(2016-10) Deemed Disposition of Property by an Emigrant
TP-1033.2-V(2016-10) Election to Defer the Payment of Income Tax on Income Relating to the Deemed Disposition of Property
TP-1097-V(2018-10) Notice of Disposition or Proposed Disposition of Taxable Québec Property by an Individual or Corporation Not Resident in Canada
TP-1179.S-V(2018-01) Partnership Income from Logging Operations
TPZ-1026.0.1.F-V(2017-08) Payment of Balance - Trusts
TPZ-1026.0.1.M-V(2017-06) Remittance Slip
TPZ-1026.0.1.Q-V(2017-06) Remittance Slip
TPZ-1029.MD.5-V(2019-10) Inform. Return - Tax  Credit  Home-Support Services Seniors
TPZ-1029.MD.5.C-V(2019-10) Cost of Eligible Services Included in Condominium Fees -Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors
TPZ-1179-V(2019-04) Logging Operations Return
VD-55.1-V(2018-01) Application for a Certificate of Determination Respecting the QST: Registration of a Road Vehicle
VD-80.1-V(2015-12) Declaration of a Transaction between Related Individuals with Regard to a Road Vehicle Registered in Québec
VD-358-V(2011-10) Québec Sales Tax Rebate for Employers and Partners
VD-403.H-V(2012-02) Rebate of the QST Paid on a Hybrid Vehicle
VD-403-V(2018-07) General Application for a Québec Sales Tax (QST) Rebate
VDZ-458.0.1-V Tax Instalment Form – QST
VDZ-527-V(2017-12) Return Respecting the Tax on Insurance Premiums
VDZ-539-V(2017-05) Return Respecting Pari-Mutuel Bets
VDZ-541.26-V(2018-02) Return Respecting the Tax on Lodging - Act respecting the Québec sales tax

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