File the RL-1 Summary

To use this serviceAccess Service
Purpose of the service
  • To enter RL-1 summary (RLZ-1.S-V, Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (form RLZ-1.S-V) data
  • To see the duties paid and payable
  • To validate certain data (messages guide the user to prevent errors and inconsistencies in the RL-1 slips)
  • To file RL-1 slips and the RL-1 summary, or only the summary (the totals from all the RL-1 slips completed using the Complete an RL-1 Slip online service are automatically calculated and carried to the RL-1 summary, where applicable)
  • To display and print the RL-1 summary
  • To store data until it is transmitted (a confirmation of transmission is sent within minutes)
  • To pay any balance due
Conditions for use

You cannot use this service if:

  • you ceased to operate your business during the year;
  • you permanently ceased to make remittances because you no longer have employees;
  • you want to amend or cancel a previously filed RL-1 slip or amend a previously filed RL-1 summary.

For more information on these situations, consult the Guide to Filing the RL-1 Slip (RL-1.G-V).

Required information
  • Particulars of any payments made to the Québec Pension Plan and to the health services fund and of any income tax withheld
  • Information from form LE-39.0.2-V, Calculation of the Contribution Related to Labour Standards (if applicable)

You have to use the File the RL-1 Summary online service to file any RL-1 slips you prepared using the Complete an RL-1 Slip online service, and you have to file the slips at the same time as the summary.

You must file the RL-1 summary with Revenu Québec by the last day of February of the year following the year covered by the RL-1 slips.

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