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6. You have the right to be represented by the person of your choice
6.1 You have the right to choose who will represent you and obtain information about your file on your behalf

You have the right to authorize another person to access the confidential information and documents about you in our files or to act on your behalf.

You can choose anyone as your representative, no justifications needed, so long as the person is eligible to do so. Your representative can therefore be a friend, relative or professional, and you can authorize him or her to act on your behalf in any or all of your interactions with us.

In all cases, to guarantee that the information in your file remains confidential, we will only communicate information to your representative once we have proof that he or she is duly authorized to act on your behalf.

To appoint a representative, you can either use the online service in My Account for individuals for granting an authorization or a power of attorney or the service for managing authorizations and powers of attorney in My Account for businesses.

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