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Our commitments toward small and medium-sized businesses

We strive to encourage small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals in business, by cutting down on the administrative costs related to meeting their tax obligations and by giving them the help they need to manage their taxes.

1. We will cut down on businesses' administrative costs for meeting their tax obligations

We are working hard to reduce the time, effort and expenses needed for businesses to comply with the tax laws we administer. At the same time, we must continue to administer those laws effectively to maximize compliance.

That is why we are taking steps to simplify procedures by:

  • actively participating in an ongoing regulatory streamlining process;
  • reducing the number of paper documents sent;
  • offering a variety of ways to reach us;
  • growing and improving our range of online services;
  • communicating with businesses in the most direct, convenient way possible.
2. We will work together with our partners to optimize services, reduce administrative costs and cut down on red tape

We are working closely with the Canada Revenue Agency and our other partners to improve our services, our practices and our sharing of information with a view to cutting down on administrative costs, both for businesses and for the government, by:

  • continually reviewing our procedures;
  • reducing businesses' administrative obligations as much as possible;
  • offering easy-to-use online services.
3. We will offer services that are tailored to businesses' needs

Our online services are easy to use, efficient and tailored to the needs of businesses, and they are the simplest and most direct way of communicating with us. What's more, we are constantly looking to improve them (for example, by adopting new technology).

4. We will provide support to make it easier for businesses to meet their fiscal obligations

Through our Assistance Program for Businesses, we will help businesses meet their fiscal obligations so as to ensure voluntary compliance.

We also provide technical support for businesses using our online services.

5. We will explain our methodology when interacting with small and medium-sized businesses

We will provide clear explanations with respect to any audit, decision, objection, assessment, collection measure or other action concerning your tax file.

The results of our actions with respect to small and medium-sized businesses are published in our annual report (in French only).

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