New Technological Solution – Mandatory Billing in the Restaurant Sector

A new technological solution for the mandatory billing measures will be phased in for the restaurant sector as of fall 2023. If you operate a restaurant establishment (such as a bar, restaurant or catering business), you will have to use the solution.   

The solution is intended to address the fact that the sales recording module (SRM) is obsolete while reducing red tape for operators.

It will feature the following: 

  • a certified sales recording system (SRS) to gather transaction data and send it securely to a cloud-computing environment (the “WEB-SRM”);
  • data validation and retention by the WEB-SRM, which will send us the data securely;
  • a system to integrate WEB-SRM data into our informational environment.

Once the solution is rolled out, operators will still be required to give their customers a bill after each transaction but can choose to provide either an electronic or paper bill, which must be produced using a certified SRS


For more information on the new cloud solution, see the Information Bulletin on Mandatory Billing: Technological Solution in the Restaurant Sector (IN-522.ST.R-V). 

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Pilot project

To ensure the solution works well and fits the operating practices, work environments and billing systems in the restaurant sector, a pilot project will be carried out in winter 2023.

We are no longer accepting applications to participate in the pilot project. We would like to thank the many candidates who took the time to provide us with the required information. 

Selection criteria

To ensure proper representation of the various types of establishments (restaurants, bars, etc.), services (table, delivery, etc.) and regions, participants will be selected using the criteria below. This will help us ensure that the measures are suitable and fair for all.


Candidates must be available to carry out certain tasks throughout the pilot projet. 

GST and QST registration

Candidates already operating a restaurant establishment must be registered for the GST and QST when they apply. Operators of a new establishment must be registered before the pilot project begins. 

Type of establishment

Participants will be chosen based on the type of establishment they operate. The pilot project covers the following establishments:

  • restaurants
  • bars
  • resto-bars
  • food trucks

Type of services

Participants will be chosen based on the type of services they offer. The pilot project covers the following services:

  • table service
  • counter service
  • delivery by the establishment
  • delivery by a third party
  • catering service

Type of supplies

Participants will be chosen based on the type of supplies they make.


Participants will be selected according to region.

Type of equipment

Since participants will have to use an SRS we have certified, they must specify the developer of their equipment and whether they would be willing to use another product. This way, we can contact the developer to ensure the product is certified on time so that those interested can take part in the pilot project.  


If candidates have the same profile, we will select those who make the greatest number of monthly transactions. We will also be looking for a wide range of SRSs. 

Terms and conditions

Each establishment can continue to operate normally throughout the pilot project.

After each transaction, participants must enter data in their establishment's SRS, produce a paper or electronic bill and give it to the customer. They must then send us the transaction data.

Operators will no longer have to file periodic sales summaries since the solution will already send us the data in a confidential and secure manner. In addition, operators can easily see transaction data in My Account for businesses.

Each participant must agree to complete a short questionnaire about their experience each month

We will carry out inspections to ensure that both the solution and the procedures that will be rolled out for the entire restaurant sector work well. 

Benefits for participants

You'll enjoy the following benefits if you take part in the pilot project:

  • The cost of purchasing and installing the necessary equipment at your establishment will be reimbursed in full (you can keep the equipment afterwards).
  • You will be given personalized and proactive support to help you understand the mandatory billing measures before they are officially rolled out.
  • You will be able to use My Account for businesses to view the transaction data sent during the pilot project.

For more information about the pilot project, contact us.

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