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Tax Debts

Because public services are funded by income tax and consumption taxes, it is absolutely essential that everyone pay their fair share. If you have a tax debt, it is important you cooperate with us to settle your debt voluntarily; otherwise, we may take collection measures against you.

Types of tax debt

A tax debt is an amount owed under tax legislation, such as:

  • personal income tax;
  • corporate income tax;
  • source deductions and employer contributions;
  • QST and GST;
  • child assistance overpayments.

Tax debts may include interest, penalties and charges. If so, they bear interest at the rate and in accordance with the terms set by law until they are paid in full.

Suspension of collection measures

In some cases, collection measures cannot be taken until a set amount of time has elapsed. However, we will take collection measures before such a time if the recovery of the debt is in jeopardy.

For more information, click Collection Measures – Tax Debt.

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