Become a Participating Community Organization

Promote equality in your community by helping taxpayers claim the benefits and tax credits to which they are entitled.

What is expected of a participating community organization?

As a participating community organization, you:

  • help taxpayers meet their tax obligations and claim the benefits and credits they are entitled to;
  • plan and hold free income tax return preparation sessions;
  • coordinate volunteer efforts and make sure volunteers complete returns for eligible taxpayers;
  • process taxpayer information confidentially and securely;
  • make sure that volunteers register for the program and that they either obtain confirmation of eligibility for electronic filing (EFILE) or submit the results of a police background check conducted within the last three years, in keeping with the program's security requirements. See Become a Volunteer for more information on security requirements.

Participating organizations:  

  • have access to an online volunteer recruitment kit and program promotional materials;
  • will benefit from coaching provided by the CRA and Revenu Québec throughout the filing season;
  • may benefit from a computer donation program;
  • may be eligible for a grant from Revenu Québec.

Volunteers who transmit returns online must obtain EFILE certification from the CRA. Each organization with which volunteers are affiliated must register for NetFile Québec using form TP-223.PB, Application for NetFile Québec Registration for Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program Volunteers. In addition, volunteers who prepare paper returns or who have access to personal taxpayer information may be required to submit the results of a police background check performed within the last three years.

Auto-fill my return

Auto-fill my return is an optional and secure Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service that allows income tax assistance program volunteers to automatically fill in parts of a taxpayer's federal income tax return with information from the person's CRA file. Note that this service cannot be used to complete Québec income tax returns.

To use this service, volunteers must:

  • be registered for the CRA's EFILE;
  • be registered for the Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program;
  • enter their RepID when registering as a program volunteer;
  • provide their organization with a valid police background check performed within the last three years.

Accountants and tax professionals

If you are an accountant or tax professional, you must make a clear distinction between your own clients and the taxpayers taking advantage of the income tax assistance program. Therefore, you or your volunteers cannot use the EFILE and NetFile Québec numbers used for your business when preparing returns under the program. You must obtain separate numbers for use under the program.  

How to register an organization for the program

To register as a participating organization, you must complete the CRA's registration form for organizations in Québec. Once you have registered, a program coordinator will contact you and provide any assistance you may need.

Your registration is valid for one year only. You have to renew your registration each year you wish to participate in the program.

Grant for organizations participating in the income tax assistance program

As a participating community organization, you may be eligible for a grant from Revenu Québec in the amount of $1 for each Québec income tax return your organization files under the income tax assistance program.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible, your organization must:

  • be registered for the Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program;
  • have prepared provincial income tax returns on behalf of taxpayers free of charge during the filing period that runs from May 1 of the year to April 30 of the next year;
  • complete form LM-94.9.PB-V, Grant for Community Organizations Participating in the Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program, and send it to Revenu Québec by December 31 following the end of the filing period.


Participating organizations must keep track of the number of income tax returns they file as follows:

  • returns filed electronically (returns filed using EFILE or NetFile Québec and those prepared using software and then printed and mailed);
  • returns filed using paper forms supplied by the CRA and Revenu Québec.

The grant will only be awarded once for each return prepared during the filing period. Do not submit more than one application per tax season.

Applying for the grant

When you apply for the grant for the first time as a participating organization, you must also register for direct deposit using form FIN-101.PB-V, Direct Deposit Registration or Information Update (Participating Organizations: Income Tax Assistance − Volunteer Program). Ask your program coordinator for the form. You can also use this form to update information required for the grant, such as your address, email, financial institution or bank account.

Note that the RL-27 (government payments) may be issued to the applicant if the grant is requested as part of operating a business or property, unless the applicant is a public body or exempt from income taxes.


Returns prepared using the software provided by the program are marked as having been completed by a volunteer. When a volunteer prepares a return using paper forms or software other than that provided by the program, he or she must enter the code "1":

  • in the box at the top of the first page of the Québec return, to the left of the box for the identification label;
  • in box 487, at the bottom of the last page of the federal income tax return.

Need more information?

For more information, contact a program coordinator using the CRA's online request form.

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