Terms and Conditions of the Pilot Project

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Throughout the pilot project, each participant can continue their normal activities. At the end of each trip, transaction data will be entered in a sales recording system (SRS) linked to the participant's vehicle, and the participant must produce a paper or electronic receipt and give it to the client.

The transaction data will then be sent to us. The data will not be used for audit purposes.

Each participant must also send us their comments and observations on a regular basis by completing a short questionnaire.

In addition, we will carry out inspections to validate the solution and the procedures that will later be phased in for the entire remunerated passenger transportation sector.

Benefits for participants

Participants will be paid $400 to $1,000, depending on what they are asked to do.

Participants will also enjoy the following benefits, depending on their activities:

  • The cost of purchasing and installing the solution in a vehicle will be reimbursed in full.
  • At the end of the pilot project, participants can keep the installed equipment in their vehicle free of charge.
  • Participants can use My Account for businesses to view the transaction data sent during the pilot project.
  • Participants will be given personalized and proactive support to help them understand the mandatory billing measures before they are officially rolled out.

Contact us for more information about the pilot project on mandatory billing in the remunerated passenger transportation sector.

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