Penalties for Failure to File an RL-Slip or to Provide Required Information

RL-14 slip and RL-15 slip

A partnership is liable to a penalty if it fails to comply with our request to file an RL-14 slip (or an RL-15 slip, as applicable) for an individual who acquired an interest in a tax shelter, or fails to indicate the amount paid by the individual for the interest or any required information about the individual on such a slip. The amount of the penalty is equal to either:

  • 25% of any consideration received or to be received from the individual; or
  • where the tax shelter is a gifting arrangement, 25% of the value of the property that the individual could donate to a qualified donee, if this amount is greater.

Information to be provided by the members of a partnership

The members of a partnership are liable to a penalty of $100 if they fail to provide any information requested in the information return or in the accompanying documents. This holds for all requested information.

Information to be provided by trustees

A trustee who fails to provide certain information concerning the trust renders the trust liable to a penalty equal to:

  • 5% of the income tax that remains unpaid as at the filing deadline, if the trustee  has failed to file the trust income tax return, plus an additional penalty of 1% for each month that the income tax remains unpaid, up to a maximum of 12 months; 
  • 10% of any income that the trustee has failed to report for the taxation year, if the trustee has failed to report income of the sort for any of the past three years; or
  • $100, if the trustee fails to provide required information in the trust's return. 

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