Ensuring Tax Compliance

For self-assessment to work, society as a whole must fully support it to ensure tax fairness and justice. While the vast majority of taxpayers and mandataries diligently meet their tax obligations, others do not or only do so partially. Revenu Québec can therefore use a number of measures to ensure tax compliance.

Fair for all means ensuring tax compliance!

Fighting tax evasion

Read this subsection to learn what tax evasion is and how we're fighting it. You'll also find information about voluntary disclosure and aggressive tax planning.

Learn more about how we fight tax evasion

Tax audits

Read about the tax audit process and related issues.

Learn more about tax audits

Reporting Non-Compliance

If you feel that a taxpayer is not meeting his or her tax obligations, you can report that person.

Learn more about reporting non-compliance

Debt collection

If you have a tax debt to Revenu Québec or a support debt, learn about how you can pay your debt and the collection measures we can use if you don't.

Learn more about debt collection

Penalties and interest

Learn about the interest and penalties you can incur if you do not meet your tax obligations. We provide a payment calendar and information on how to apply for the cancellation of interest, penalties or charges.

Learn more about penalties and interest

Fair. For all.

One vision. Concrete actions.

Read all about how we work to support and inform you. Our vision and values guide us as we carry out our role.

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