COVID-19: FAQ for Tax Preparers and Professional Representatives

This page presents answers to the most frequently asked questions that we have received in relation to the COVID‑19 crisis. We hope they give you the information you need.

For information about COVID-19 relief measures, see the other COVID-19 FAQs and the Relief Measures for Individuals and Businesses page.

What electronic signature relief measures are provided for tax preparers and professional representatives?

To limit in-person contact, Revenu Québec will allow preparers and professional representatives to use an electronic signature on the following forms their clients must sign until further notice:

  • General Employment Conditions (TP-64.3-V);
  • Authorization to Communicate Information or Power of Attorney (MR-69-V);
  • Autorisation relative à la communication de renseignements (MRW-69.RP);
  • Power of Attorney or Authorization to Communicate Information to a Person Registered for My Account for Businesses (MRW-69.E-V);
  • Online Filing of the Personal Income Tax Return by an Accredited Person (TP-1000.TE-V);
  • Transmission par Internet de la déclaration de revenus d'une société (form CO-1000.TE).
All of these forms can be signed electronically until further notice.
What types of electronic signatures will Revenu Québec accept?

Revenu Québec will accept the following types of electronic signatures:

  • a digital certificate (for example, a digital certificate produced using a specialized tool);
  • a scanned hand-written signature (meaning an image of a signature);
  • a signature made using an input tool such as a stylus or mouse.

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