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You may be required to pay your income tax in instalments in the following situations:

  • The income tax payable on some of your income is not deducted at source.
  • The amounts withheld do not cover the income tax payable.

Instalment payments are made four times a year: in March, June, September and December.

Instalment payments (also called quarterly payments, as they are paid every three months) are partial remittances made to cover your income tax for the year, your health contribution and, where applicable:

  • your Québec Pension Plan contribution
  • your contribution to the health services fund
  • your premium under the Québec prescription drug insurance plan
  • your Québec parental insurance plan premium

By making instalment payments, you reduce the amount you may have to pay when you file your income tax return.

We will determine if you are required to remit your income tax in instalments based on your income. We will contact you in writing if you are required to make instalment payments.

For further information, consult the brochure Instalment Payments of Income Tax (IN-105-V).

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