Role of the Liquidator of a Succession and Required Documents

If you are designated as the liquidator of a succession, you must notify us

  • as quickly as possible of the death by filing the death certificate
  • by filing form LM-14-V, Information About a Representative, along with the will search certificates and the document(s) listed on form LM-14-V that apply to your situation:
    • Succession with a will
      • a certified copy of the notarial will, and any related codicil (a document that changes certain points of an existing will)
      • a certified copy of the holograph will (a will written by hand) or the will made in the presence of witnesses, issued by a court clerk or a notary, and a certified copy of the judgment probating the will or the minutes of the probate
    • Succession without a will
      • form LM-14.1-V, Designation of a Liquidator by the Heirs, or any other original document designating you as the liquidator

Provide us with either the original documents or certified copies. Please note that only the person having custody of an authentic document can certify a copy.

If the will of the person who designated you as liquidator was homologated (officially approved) by a court judgment, you do not have to submit a search certificate issued by the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Barreau du Québec.

Tasks of the liquidator of a succession

As liquidator of the succession, your tasks include:

  • preparing and filing the income tax return(s) of the deceased person
  • paying the deceased's income tax and debts
  • submitting an inventory of the property of the succession and obtaining from us a certificate authorizing the distribution of the property

As the liquidator of a succession, or as the trustee of a trust created by a will, you may have to administer property, income, earnings or benefits until the succession is settled.

If you and another person are both designated in a will as liquidators of the same succession, you must deal with us jointly. If you are unable to do so, you must complete form MR-69-V, Power of Attorney, Authorization to Communicate Information, or Revocation, in order to designate one of you as the person who is to deal with us.

For more information about the role of the liquidator and how to settle a succession, see What to Do in the Event of Death on the Services Québec website.

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