Claiming the Tax Credit for the Restoration of a Secondary Residence

To claim the tax credit for the restoration of a secondary residence:

  • Complete form TP-1029.RE-V, Tax Credit for the Restoration of a Secondary Residence.
  • Enclose form TP-1029.RE-V with your income tax return.
  • Send everything to us before the set deadline.

If the eligible residence is located in a condominium, eligible expenses include any expense incurred by the syndicate of co-owners, up to the amount of your unit's share of the expense.

In such a case, the syndicate of co-owners must give you a completed copy of form TP-1029.RE.D-V, Information Return – Tax Credit for the Restoration of a Secondary Residence, that describes the work carried out and lists your unit's share of that expense.

Required documents

You may be required to submit the following documents:

  • a certificate from the municipality where the residence is located, confirming that the subjacent land was hit by flooding that occurred in a region covered by the Program;
  • the damage assessment report (if the application is for the repair component);
  • the contractor's breakdown of expenses (if applicable); and
  • receipts and documents substantiating the payment of expenses.

If your application concerns recognized post-disaster clean-up and preservation work and repair work, or if not all the work is recognized work, the contractor must give you a written statement showing the breakdown of the cost of goods and services supplied by the contractor for the different types of work carried out.

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