Health Establishment

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If you live in a health establishment, you may claim the tax credit for certain expenses incurred to obtain home-support services.

A health establishment is an establishment that is part of the health and social services network or that is covered by that network. The network includes:

  • hospitals
  • public residential and long-term care centres (CHSLDs)
  • private, publicly funded CHSLDs
  • rehabilitation centres
  • buildings or residential facilities where the services of a family-type resource or an intermediate resource are offered
  • facilities maintained by a hospital centre or a reception centre for Cree Native persons
  • buildings or residential facilities where the services of a foster family are offered for Cree Native persons

A private residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD) that is not under agreement (not publicly funded) is not considered a health establishment. If you live in such an establishment, go to Private Seniors' Residence.

Services for which the health establishment requires a financial contribution are not eligible for the tax credit.

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