Calculation Table for a Couple Living in the Same Apartment (Both Spouses are 70 or Older)

Table for calculating monthly expenses on the basis of a household in which both spouses are 70 or older
Home-support service % of the monthly rent Minimum amount Maximum amount
Basic amount 12% $150 $375
Laundry service (care of clothing and household linens) 5% $75 $125
Housekeeping service 4% $50 $125
Meal service1 (one meal a day) 14% $200 $400
Meal service1 (two meals a day) 21% $300 $600
Meal service1 (three meals a day) 26% $400 $800
Nursing service 8% $100 $250
Personal care service (non-professional assistance service):

Basic amount




Supplement for a dependent senior



10%2 of the monthly rent

Maximum percentage of the total monthly rent

Senior not considered a dependent senior


Senior or his or her spouse considered a dependent senior


1. Each daily meal listed in the schedule to the lease (breakfast, lunch and dinner) must be considered as a single meal, even if the meal is provided for you and your spouse. For example, if the schedule to the lease specifies that breakfast is provided daily for you and your spouse, you must consider this breakfast as a single meal per day.
2. If the two spouses are considered dependent seniors, the rate is 20%.
  • The rate applies to the total monthly rent.
  • The total amount determined for all services rendered must not be more than 70% of the total monthly rent, or 80% of the total monthly rent for a dependent senior.
  • The total monthly rent is the rent paid to house both you and your spouse, regardless of who pays it or how it is divided between you.
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