You should receive any refund to which you are entitled:

  • within 14 working days if you file your tax return online
  • within four to six weeks if you file your tax return by mail
  • Since we start processing returns at the beginning of March, wait until the beginning of April before contacting us for information, even if you filed your return in January. If you file your return after March 31, wait four weeks before contacting us.
  • We do not pay refunds of less than $2.

Processing status of your income tax return

If you would like to know the processing status of your income tax return, use the View Your Income Tax Return Information for the Current Year online service. Note that you must be registered for My Account for individuals to use the service. If you are not registered, you can use the Refund Info-Line to get information about your return online or by telephone.

For information about interest on refunds granted under Québec tax laws, see Interest Rates on Refunds.

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