287 – Deductions for strategic investments

Deductions for strategic investments are specific to the Québec tax system. If you are entitled to one, enter it on line 287 and, in box 286, enter the corresponding number from the list below. If you are entitled to both deductions, enter the total on line 287 and “80” in box 286.

03 Deduction for the Cooperative Investment Plan (CIP)Deduction for the Cooperative Investment Plan (CIP) 
04 Additional deduction for Québec resourcesAdditional deduction for Québec resources

3. Deduction for the Cooperative Investment Plan (CIP)

You can claim a deduction for the CIP if you were resident in Québec on December 31, 2017, and you purchased qualifying securities from a cooperative or a federation of cooperatives authorized to issue securities. You can also claim the unused portion of your deductions for years after 2011. To calculate your deduction, complete form TP-965.39.4-V, Calculation of the CIP Deduction.

You can carry forward the unused portion of your deduction and claim it in any of the next five taxation years.

4. Additional deduction for Québec resources

For instructions on how to calculate the additional deduction for Québec resources, see the back of your RL-11 slip and refer to document RL-15.EX, Instructions pour les membres de la société de personnes (for instructions in English, see courtesy translations RL-11-T and RL-15.EX-T). Enter the amount of the deduction on line 287 of your return.

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