205 – Registered pension plan (RPP) deduction

The deduction you can claim for RPP contributions for current service or for past service after 1989 cannot exceed the amount you are deducting for such contributions on line 20700 of your federal income tax return for 2019.

If you did not make RPP contributions for service before 1990 and did not make contributions under a retirement compensation arrangement (see point 13 in the instructions for line 207), the amount you enter on line 205 should correspond to the amount shown in box D of your RL-1 slip. If there is an amount in box D-2 or box D-3 of the RL-1 slip, contact us.

Transfer to an RPP

If the amount on line 20700 of your federal income tax return includes amounts transferred to an RPP (such as a retiring allowance), enter them on line 250 instead of line 205.

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