Municipal Tax for 9-1-1 Service

Since December 1, 2009, the municipal tax for 9-1-1 service has been imposed by all Québec municipalities. Telephone service providers collect the tax and remit it to us. We then remit the proceeds of the tax to the body responsible for dividing up the sums among the municipalities.

The municipal tax for 9-1-1 service is collected for every month during which the provider must provide, at any time, a telephone service to a client. For each telephone service, the tax is $0.46 a month per telephone number or, in the case of a multi-line service other than a Centrex service, per outgoing access line.

The municipal tax for 9-1-1 service is provided for in the agreement on a new fiscal and financial partnership with municipalities for the years 2007 to 2013 (Entente sur un nouveau partenariat fiscal et financier avec les municipalités pour les années 2007 à 2013), entered into by the Gouvernement du Québec and the municipalities of Québec. Consequently, all clients of telephone service providers must now contribute to the financing of 9-1-1 emergency centres.

The tax replaces the municipal tariff collected by certain telecommunications businesses.

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