Residential Unit Qualifying for a Rebate

A qualifying residential unit is a residential unit in a residential complex that gives entitlement to a rebate for new residential rental property.

In order for a unit to give entitlement to the rebate, all the following conditions must be met:

  • The unit is a self-contained residence.
  • You hold the unit for one of the following purposes:
    • to make an exempt lease or sublease of the unit;
    • to sell the unit and make an exempt lease of the land;
    • to live in the unit as your principal residence (provided you make an exempt lease of another unit in the residential complex to another person).
  • The first use of the unit is or can reasonably be considered to be one of the following:
    • your primary place of residence, or the residence of a person related to you, for at least a year (or a shorter period in certain situations);
    • an individual's primary place of residence for at least a year (or a shorter period in certain situations).
  • After the first use, you indend to occupy the unit or lease it to an individual who is related to you, or lease it as a primary place of residence to a shareholder, member or partner, or to a person related to the shareholder, member or partner.

If the residential complex contains at least 10 residential units and substantially all (90% or more) of the units are qualifying residential units, all the units are considered to be qualifying residential units.

For more information, see form FP-524-V, New Residential Rental Property GST Rebate Application, and the version of form VD-370.67-V, New Residential Rental Property QST Rebate, that corresponds to your situation.

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