Supporting Documents Required

For entitlement to the rebate

Foreign representations must provide the Service de la correspondance officielle, des privilèges et des immunités (Le Protocole) of the Ministère des relations internationales with a list of persons entitled to a tax rebate.

For the GST, accreditation must be obtained from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

In general, foreign representatives are entitled to a tax rebate from the date they officially take up their post until the time they leave it.

For the rebate application

Revenu Québec will assign you an identification number when it processes your first application for a rebate of the QST or other Québec taxes.

Be sure to indicate your identification number on all subsequent applications if you do not use the pre-addressed application form.

You must enclose the original invoices with your application. The invoices will be returned to you. The following information must be provided:

  • the supplier's name, corporate name or GST account number and QST identification number
  • the invoice number, if applicable
  • the date of the invoice
  • the total amount paid 
  • a statement indicating the goods and services on which the GST and QST were collected
  • the total amount of GST and QST paid or a statement indicating that the taxes are included in the price
  • the purchaser's name – if the value of the goods or the services acquired exceeds $500 (excluding GST and QST)
Under certain circumstances, Revenu Québec may accept photocopies submitted by diplomatic missions, consular posts and international organizations, provided they bear the official seal of the entity and the initials of an authorized representative.

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