How to Complete the RL-1 Summary

When completing the RL-1 summary, you can enter the requested information by hand (print) or key (type) it in. Where there is no amount to be reported, leave the box blank. When an amount does not take up the entire box, do not use other symbols, such as asterisks, to fill the box. Such symbols make it difficult to read the amounts.

Make sure you correctly enter the source deduction and employer contribution amounts in each of the boxes on the remittance slip of the RL-1 summary.

Enter all amounts in Canadian dollars.


Do not add information regarding the periodic CNESST payments that you make to Revenu Québec to the remittance slip of the RL-1 summary. Do not include any amounts relating to the payment of the occupational health and safety insurance premium with the remittance slip.

To report and remit amounts for the CNESST, you must instead use the remittance slip attached to the Remittance of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (form TPZ-1015.R.14.1-VTPZ-1015.R.14.2-VTPZ-1015.R.14.3-V or TPZ-1015.R.14.4-V, according to your remittance frequency) that we have sent you.

Number of RL-1, RL-2 and RL-25 slips filed

In the appropriate box of the RL-1 summary, enter the number of RL-1, RL-2 and RL-25 slips you are filing either on paper with your RL-1 summary or online (including those you are filing using the My Account for businesses online services).

Transmitter number

If you are transmitting RL-slip data online (in an XML file), enter the transmitter number in the box provided. The transmitter number is made up of the letters NP followed by 6 digits.

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