Employer's Kit

The Employer's Kit includes the principal online services and documents that employers and payers use in calculating source deductions and employer contributions and in filing various RL slips and the RL-1 summary.

To find out what has changed for the year with regard to source deductions and contributions, see Principal Changes.

For more information on filing RL slips, click Filing RL Slips and the RL-1 Summary.

Online services  

  • Using the services available in My Account for businesses, you can:
    • register a business with Revenu Québec (if the business is already registered),
    • file a source deductions and employer contributions return,
    • complete and file the RL-1 summary, and
    • complete RL-1 slips (and file them online if you file the RL-1 summary online).
  • Transmitting RL Slips   
  • Register a New Business (GST, QST, other consumption taxes, source deductions and corporation income tax)

Forms and publications

  • Application for Registration (LM-1-V)
  • Guide for Employers (TP-1015.G-V)
  • Formulas to Calculate Source Deductions and Contributions  (TP-1015.F-V)
  • Source Deductions Return (TP-1015.3-V)
  • Application for a Reduction in Source Deductions of Income Tax (TP-1016-V)
  • Demande de réduction de la retenue d'impôt pour une société non résidente (see courtesy translation CO-1016-T)
  • Request to Have Additional Income Tax Withheld at Source (TP-1017-V)
  • Statement of Commissions and Expenses for Source Deduction Purposes (TP-1015.R.13.1-V)
  • Election by Fishers to Have Income Tax Deducted at Source (TP-1015.N-V)
  • Source Deduction Tables for QPP Contributions (TP-1015.TR-V)
  • Source Deduction Table for Québec Income Tax (TP-1015.TI-V)
  • Table for Québec Parental Insurance Plan Premiums (TP-1015.TA-V)
  • Request for Correction of a Remittance Form for Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (TPZ-1015.R.14.M-V)
  • Application to Make Remittances of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions Based on Pay Periods (TPZ-1015.R.14.3D-V)
  • Guide to Filing the RL-1 Slip: Employment and Other Income (RL-1.G-V)
  • Guide to Filing the RL-2 Slip: Retirement and Annuity Income (RL-2.G-V)
  • Guide to Filing the RL-22 Slip: Employment Income Related to Multi-Employer Insurance Plans (RL-22.G-V)
  • Guide to Filing the RL-25 Slip: Income from a Profit-Sharing Plan (RL-25.G-V)
  • RL-1 slip (see courtesy translation RL-1-T)
  • Relevé 1 modifié – Revenus d'emploi et revenus divers (see courtesy translation RL-1.M-T)
  • Relevé 1 temporaire (see courtesy translation RL-1.T-T)
  • RL-2 slip (see courtesy translation RL-2-T)
  • RL-22 slip (see courtesy translation RL-22-T)
  • RL-25 slip (see courtesy translation RL-25-T)
  • Tax Preparers' Guide: RL Slips (ED-425-V)
  • Information for Users of RL-Slip Software (IN-412.A-V)
  • Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (RLZ-1.S-V) (RL-1 summary)
  • Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (RLZ-1.ST-V)
  • Calculation of the Contribution Related to Labour Standards (LE-39.0.2-V)
  • Reduction of the Contribution to the Health Services Fund: Creation of Specialized Jobs (LE-34.1.12-V)
  • Calculation of an Automobile Benefit (TP-41.C-V)
  • Taxable Benefits (IN-253-V)
  • Tax Measures Respecting Tips (IN-250-V)

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