Calculating a Security Option Benefit

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The value of the benefit received by the employee for a security option is equal to the result of the following calculation:

  • the fair market value (FMV) of the security at the time of acquisition or the value of the consideration received (in cash or in kind) at the time the employee transfers his or her rights to you, as applicable;


  • the total of:
    • the amount paid or payable by the employee to acquire the security, and
    • the amount paid by the employee for the option.

You must include the value of the benefit in boxes A and L and in box G or box I of the employee's RL-1 slip (see courtesy translation RL-1-Tin the year in which the employee sells or acquires the security, as applicable.

The corporation that provides the benefit is responsible for filing the RL-1 slip.

Deductions granted to certain individuals

You must calculate the amount of the security option deduction, unless the value of the benefit is included in the income used to calculate the deduction granted to any of the following individuals:

  • a Québec sailor working for an eligible shipowner;
  • a foreign specialist working at an international financial centre (IFC);
  • a foreign researcher, foreign researcher on a post-doctoral internship or foreign expert working for a business carrying out research in Québec;
  • a foreign professor working for a university in Québec;
  • a foreign specialist working at a biotechnology development centre (BDC);
  • a foreign specialist working for a stock exchange business or a securities clearing-house business;
  • a foreign specialist working for a financial services corporation;
  • a foreign farm worker;
  • a worker holding a key position in a foreign production.

For more information on calculating the deduction, see the following pages:

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