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Additional Information to Be Entered on the RL-25 Slip

To provide additional information, enter a code in a blank box, followed by the corresponding amount or information.


The table below lists and describes the codes applicable to the RL-25 slip. For each code, the corresponding webpage is also referenced.

Additional information
Code Description Reference
B-1 Foreign capital gains realized RL Slip – Box B
C-1 Capital gains (or losses): Qualified farm or fishing property RL Slip – Box C
C-2 Capital gains (or losses): Qualified small business corporation shares RL Slip – Box C
D-1 Amounts allocated, on which a Québec Pension Plan (QPP) contribution was made RL Slip – Box D
D-2 Amounts allocated or paid, on which a QPP contribution was not made RL Slip – Box D
D-3 Amount of foreign non-business income for which an amount of foreign income tax is entered in box H RL Slip – Box D
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