RL-22 Slip – Box A

In box A of the RL-22 slip (see courtesy translation RL-22-T), enter the total value of the individual's coverage under a personal insurance plan (not including coverage for total or partial loss of business, office-related or employment income).

The coverage must have been provided (in whole or part) by reason of the individual's

  • office or employment (past, present or intended); or
  • operation of a business, as a sole proprietor or as a member of a partnership
  • Even if no premiums were paid with respect to the individual for the taxation year, indicate the value of all of the individual's types of coverage that year.
  • Enter “0” in box A if the individual was not covered by the insurance plan but the employer paid premiums for him or her for the taxation year.
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Calculating coverage value

To calculate the value of the individual's total coverage (all types) under a personal insurance plan,

  1. determine the value of his or her coverage under the private health services plan, and
  2. add the value of the other types of coverage under a multi-employer insurance plan, such as the coverage provided by the following insurance options:
    • life insurance
    • insurance covering accidental death
    • accident insurance covering bodily injury

Enter the value of the individual's coverage under the private health services plan in box B and also include it in the amount in box A.

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The following sections explain how to calculate the value of the various types of coverage provided to individuals.

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