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Additional Information to Be Entered on the RL-2 Slip

To provide additional information on the RL-2 slip (see courtesy translation RL-2-T), enter a code in a blank box, followed by the corresponding amount or information.

B-1 : 400,68

The following table lists the codes applicable to the RL-2 slip and provides descriptions of the codes and the plan or fund to which they apply, as well as references on our website.

Additional information
Code Description Plan or fund References
A-1 Deduction for an Indian RPP
B-1 Payments from a RRIF exceeding the minimum amount RRIF
B-2 Payments from a RRIF that were transferred RRIF
B-3 Designated benefit exceeding the minimum amount RRIF Box B – Death of a RRIF Annuitant – Designated Benefit Paid to the Surviving Spouse
B-4 Transferred designated benefit RRIF Box B – Death of a RRIF Annuitant – Designated Benefit Paid to the Surviving Spouse
C-1 Single payment accrued to December 31, 1971 RPP, DPSP
C-2 Single payment under an unregistered pension plan Unregistered pension plan Box C – Unregistered Pension Plan
C-3 Excess amount of a single payment transferred RPP Box C – RPP
C-4a Payments received under a retirement pension QPP Box C – QPP
C-4b Payments received under a surviving spouse's pension QPP Box C – QPP
C-4c Payments received under a disability pension QPP Box C – QPP
C-4d Payments received under an orphan's pension QPP Box C – QPP
C-4e Payments received under a pension for a disabled person's child QPP Box C – QPP
C-4f Death benefit QPP Box C – QPP
C-6 Number of months in the year during which a retirement pension was paid QPP Box C – QPP
C-7 Date on which the disability pension ceased to be paid QPP Box C – QPP
C-8 First month of disability QPP Box C – QPP
C-9 Special tax deducted at source Income-averaging annuity for artists Box J – Québec Income Tax Withheld at Source
C-10 Date a single payment was made under an RPP or a DPSP RPP, DPSP
201 Type of plan or fund N/A RL-2 Slip – Box Marked “Provenance des revenus”
210 Charitable donations N/A See “Charitable donations” below
235 Premium paid to a private health services plan N/A See “Premium paid to a private health services plan” below

Charitable donations

Enter “210” in a blank box of the RL-2 slip, followed by the total of the amounts collected as charitable donations during the year and paid on behalf of the annuitant to a registered charity or another qualified donee.

Premium paid to a private health services plan

The contribution (or premium) paid by a retired employee to a private health services plan that covers, for example, medical or dental expenses can give entitlement to a tax credit for medical expenses.

On the retired employee's RL-2 slip, provide the amounts of any such contributions (or premiums) by entering “235” in a blank box, followed by the amount. If you do not provide this information, the retired employee may ask that you provide supporting documents.

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