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RL-1 Summary – Salary and Wages Subject to the Contribution (Line 30)

On line 30 of the RL-1 summary, enter the total of box A from all the RL-1 slips you filed. Do not enter the total if one of the following situations applies to you:

  • You paid a salary or wages to an employee who is an Indian.
  • One of your Québec employees is temporarily posted outside Canada.
  • You paid a salary or wages to a foreign employee who is temporarily posted to Québec.
  • You paid or allocated an amount under an employee benefit plan, a profit-sharing plan or an employee trust.
  • You paid an amount to acquire, on behalf of an employee, a share or a fraction of a share issued by the Fonds de solidarité FTQ or by Fondaction.
  • You paid fees to a member of a commission or a committee established under a Québec statute.

If one of the above situations applies to you, complete the work chart in Appendix 1 to the Guide to Filing the RL-1 Summary: Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (RLZ-1.S.G-V) to calculate the salary and wages subject to the contribution to the health services fund that you have to enter on line 30.

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