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RL-1 Summary – Contribution Related to Labour Standards (Lines 40 to 43)

Employer type code (line 40)

If you are one of the employers listed below, enter the code that applies. Otherwise, leave the line blank.

  1. Municipality, metropolitan community or public transit authority
  2. School service centre, school board or educational institution
  3. Daycare centre
  4. Public institution that provides health services and social services

Remuneration subject to the contribution (line 41)

If you are an employer that is subject to the contribution related to labour standards, complete form LE-39.0.2-V, Calculation of the Contribution Related to Labour Standards, for the year concerned. Enter the amount from line 33 of form LE-39.0.2-V in the appropriate column of line 41 of the RL-1 summary (form RLZ-1.S-V, Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions).

You are not required to enclose form LE-39.0.2-V with the summary when you file it. However, you must keep it in case we ask for it.

Contribution rate (line 42)

If you entered a code on line 40, your contribution rate for the year is 0.03%. Otherwise, your contribution rate is 0.06%.

Contribution related to labour standards (line 43)

Multiply the amount on line 41 by the contribution rate on line 42 and enter the result.

The amount on line 43 of the RL-1 summary and the amount on line 36 of form LE-39.0.2-V must be the same.

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