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Sales Recording Module Recycling Program

Since November 1, 2023, the restaurant sector has been undergoing an IT shift to replace the sales recording module (SRM) with a cloud solution (the WEB-SRM).

By May 31, 2025, operators of restaurant establishments subject to mandatory billing measures will be required to use a certified sales recording system (SRS) compatible with the WEB-SRM.

For more information about the IT solution, click Required Equipment.

Recycling program

As SRMs have reached the end of their useful life, we set up an eco-friendly recycling program that's simple and free to securely destroy all confidential information they contain.

From November 1, 2023, to December 31, 2025, any SRM holder who wants to do their part for the environment can use the program.

All SRMs and their accessories (cable, power supply and keypad screen) will be recycled, so nothing will end up in a landfill.


No financial compensation is offered for recycling SRMs.

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Recycling methods

There are two ways to recycle your SRMs.

Drop off your SRM

You can bring your SRM to one of our drop-off points below.

Montréal area


5, Place-Laval, bureau 147
Laval (Québec)  H7N 5Y3

Map Laval


825, rue Saint-Laurent Ouest
Longueuil (Québec)  J4K 2V1

Map Longueuil

Montréal (centre)

Complexe Desjardins
Tour Nord, basilaire 1
150, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest 
Montréal (Québec)  H2X 3Y2

Map Montréal (centre)

Montréal (east)

Village olympique, pyramide Est, bureau 4000
5199, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal (Québec)  H1T 3X3

Map Montréal (east)

Montréal (west)

3300, boulevard de la Côte-Vertu, 2e étage
Saint-Laurent (Québec)  H4R 2B7

Map Montréal (west)

Québec City area


Édifice Les façades de la gare, bureau 045
400, boulevard Jean-Lesage
Québec (Québec)  G1K 8W1

Map Québec

Québec (Sainte-Foy)

3800, rue de Marly
Québec (Québec)  G1X 4A5

Map Québec (Sainte-Foy)

Other areas


1920, boulevard Mellon
Jonquière (Québec)  G7S 3H3

Map Saguenay


855, boulevard Industriel
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Québec)  J3B 7Y7

Map Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu


2665, rue King Ouest, 4e étage
Sherbrooke (Québec)  J1L 2H5

Map Sherbrooke


225, rue des Forges, bureau 400
Trois-Rivières (Québec)  G9A 2G7

Map Trois-Rivières

Shipping your SRM (recycling kit)

You can order a recycling kit using our ordering forms and publications online service. We'll mail you a kit so you can ship us your SRM (and any cables, power supplies or keypad screens) free of charge.

You have to request an SRM recycling kit. Each kit includes instructions.


Revenu Québec will consider receiving an SRM as tacit consent to recycle it. No SRMs will be returned.

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Before getting rid of your SRM

If you're a QST registrant and you're subject to mandatory billing measures in the restaurant sector, make sure you've taken the steps below before getting rid of your SRM.

If you don't take these steps, you may no longer be able to comply with current tax measures and may be liable to penalties and fines.

Get the required equipment

Before deactivating and reinitializing all the SRMs in your establishment, make sure to have the equipment required to use the IT solution and send us your transaction data.

Produce and file your Sommaire périodique des ventes with Revenu Québec

You must produce and file all the Sommaire périodique des ventes (periodic sales summary) reports required until the last period that you used your SRM(s).

If you've stopped your activities, makes sure that you produced and filed all required periodic sales summary reports until the last period the SRMs were in use.

Make a backup copy of your data

You must make a backup copy of your data and keep it for six years after the last taxation year concerned.

Information for a third party that holds an SRM

You're also eligible for the recycling program if you're a third party and you hold an SRM but you're not the owner. You may be:

  • an installer;
  • a developer;
  • a bankruptcy trustee;
  • a commercial space lessor;
  • an actioneer;
  • any other person with an SRM in their possession.

Destroying data and recycling

We'll ship the SRMs and their accessories to an electronic material recycler. The memory card containing the transaction data will be removed from the SRM then safely destroyed and recycled.


You must request your recycling kit or bring your SRM to one of our drop-off points by December 31, 2025.


We reserve the right to modify the program's terms and conditions at any time.

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