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SRM Software Update

Upon activation, the latest version of the SRM software will be automatically installed on a new or used sales recording module (SRM).

We recommend that you install the SRM software updates that we develop. Certain updates are mandatory.

Principal changes further to an SRM software update are listed in the table below.

The fact that your sales recording system (cash register or point-of-sale system) is updated (as is done, for example, when the GST or QST rate changes) does not necessarily mean that your SRM software needs to be updated.

You must use the services of an SRM installer authorized by Revenu Québec to update the SRM software. The transaction data recorded in the SRM cannot be lost by updating the software.

To look up the version number of the software currently installed on your SRM, print out the "Informations générales" report by following the instructions in the SRM User Guide (IN-577-V).

For more information, watch our how-to videos on YouTube (available in French only) on YouTube.

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