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New or Used SRM

To acquire a new SRM, you must contact an SRM installer authorized by Revenu Québec.

Used SRMs can be purchased from individuals, businesses or SRM installers.

If you purchase a used SRM, make sure the former owner has reinitialized it so that you can have it activated in your name. If you use an SRM that is not activated in your name, you may be liable to punitive measures.

If the message "MEV – Appuyez sur une touche pour ouvrir une session" (SRM – press a button to open a session) is shown on the display station a few minutes after the MEV is turned on, the SRM has not been reinitialized. If that is the case, ask the former owner to reinitialize it.


There is an easy way to see whether or not a used SRM has been reinitialized. Simply power on the SRM and connect the display station to one of the USB ports on the SRM. If the SRM has been reinitialized, it will beep twice and display the following message onscreen: “Crystalfontz CFA-635.”

If the SRM has not been reinitialized, it will beep only once when powered up. The message “Crystalfontz CFA-635” will be displayed for only 10 to 15 seconds, then the following message will appear: “MEV – Appuyez sur une touche pour ouvrir une session.”

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Instructions on how to reinitialize an SRM are given in the SRM User Guide (IN-577-V).

SRM status

The SRM status refers to its activation status.

An activated SRM records all transactions and stores all data. Bills can be produced along with reports, such as the Sommaire périodique des ventes (periodic sales summary).

A deactivated SRM will not record transactions, but retains all data already recorded. While it cannot be used to produce bills, it can be used to produce various reports, such as the periodic sales summary, but only for periods in which it was activated.

A reinitialized SRM contains no data. It can be sold to another person who can then have it activated in that person's name. Until the SRM has been activated, it cannot be used to produce bills or any of the various reports, including the periodic sales summary.

Owning an SRM

Once you acquire an SRM, it becomes your property. You must therefore:

  • safeguard and protect it;
  • leave the security seal intact;
  • maintain it in proper working order;
  • make sure that it is always accessible and that information can be extracted for inspection purposes.

Please notify us if the SRM is broken or stolen or if the security seal is damaged.

SRM warranty

Before acquiring a used SRM, we recommend you check the serial number. If the number begins with P10 or P11, make sure the warranty is still in effect because a defective SRM that is no longer under warranty can no longer be repaired.

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