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SRM Installation and Activation

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To have a sales recording module (SRM) installed and activated, you can hire the services of an SRM installer authorized by Revenu Québec. Provided you contact Revenu Québec first, another option would be to install and activate the SRM yourself.

Installing and activating an SRM requires the use of a sales recording system (SRS) and a receipt printer that are compatible with the SRM.

Installing an SRM

It is your responsibility to choose an SRM installer and make sure that the installer is authorized by Revenu Québec.

SRM installers are the only ones authorized to purchase new SRMs from the supplier, Kyndryl Canada, for resale to Québec restaurant establishments. Installers are also the only ones authorized to install and activate new or used SRMs in Québec restaurant establishments.

In addition, they must provide technical support for the SRMs they install. Therefore, if your SRM is defective, you must contact your SRM installer. Depending on the issue, the installer will deal with it directly or defer to another person that can resolve the problem. You must also contact us to notify us that your SRM is defective.


SRM installers do not represent Revenu Québec and are not acting in our name. We do not guarantee the quality of the services offered by installers and we are released from any liability for inadequate service or negligence on their part.

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Activating an SRM

To receive the establishment number and access code necessary for activating your SRM, you must provide information about your establishment(s) in one of the following two ways:

  • by using My Account for businesses, with which you can immediately obtain your establishment number(s) and access code(s) (note that the service for providing information is available in French only); or
  • by completing form VD-350.52.A-V, Information About an Establishment: Mandatory Billing in Bars and Restaurants, and sending it to one of the addresses given on the form. Your establishment number(s) and access code(s) will be sent to you by mail.

We strongly recommend you enter your access code yourself when activating an SRM so that it remains confidential.

In order to activate your SRM, you will need the following information:

  • the 10-digit identification number and the 4-digit file number that are shown on your QST registration certificate; and
  • the 4-digit establishment number and the access code you received further to filing form VD-350.52.A-V, Information About an Establishment: Mandatory Billing in Bars and Restaurants.

Further to the activation of your SRM(s), we will send you a confirmation letter. Make sure that the information in the letter corresponds to the information related to the SRM(s) actually installed in your establishment. If you notice any errors, contact us and your SRM installer immediately.

For more information on using some of the SRM's features, watch our how-to videos (in French only) on YouTube.

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