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Acquisition of an SRM

You can acquire a new or used sales recording module (SRM).

The SRM is a mini PC manufactured by AAEON and secured by Kyndryl Canada using a padlock showing a unique number and the Revenu Québec logo. To comply with legal requirements, the device must have all the SRM software provided by Revenu Québec and the software must be up to date.

To work properly, an SRM must be connected to a sales recording system (SRS), that is, a cash register, a point-of-sale (POS) system or any other system having the same features, as well as a receipt printer. These devices must be compatible with the SRM.

The SRM is designed to:

  • receive data related to various commercial transactions;
  • record commercial transaction information (for example, total amount of sales, total amount of applicable tax) in secure data storage; and
  • send the receipt printer the information required to print a bill.

Prices of products and services from Kyndryl Canada

The price of an SRM is not set by the Québec government. However, the Québec government and Kyndryl Canada entered into an agreement in May 2010 that established the price that an SRM installer must pay to the supplier for each of the following products and services:

Products and services offered by Kyndryl Canada to SRM installers authorized by Revenu Québec Price that the installer must pay to Kyndryl Canada
SRM (including the power supply and the 5-year warranty that begins the day the SRM is first activated) $1,681.75
Estimate to repair any components not covered by the warranty on the SRM $50.59
Recovery of SRM data (including shipping of the required DVD) $118.16
Replacement of a security seal $37.06
Display station $191.92
Replacement or additional power supply $47.85
Replacement SRM $1,475.64
Rate for technicians $230/hour
  • The prices listed above are subject to change without notice and may not include installer service fees.
  • The display station is not included in the price of model AEC 6822 C3 1030.

To learn how to set up and use the SRM, see the SRM User Guide (IN-577-V) or watch our how-to videos (in French only) on YouTube.

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