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Obligations of Persons That Make Supplies in Bars

The mandatory billing measures also apply to any person that ordinarily makes supplies of property or services in a bar.

Any person that, under a contract entered into (verbally or in writing) with the operator of a bar or with a person related to the operator, ordinarily makes supplies of property or services in the bar (at its entrance or near the establishment) is required to produce bills. This person is also required to give bills to its clients without delay and to keep copies of the bills.

You entered into a contract with the operator of a bar to ordinarily supply a cloakroom service in the bar. You are therefore required to give each client a bill. In addition, if you are a QST registrant, the bills must be produced using a sales recording module (SRM).

For information about the obligations related to mandatory billing, see Obligations of Persons that Are Not QST Registrants and Obligations of Persons that Are QST Registrants, as applicable.

Obligations of persons that make supplies in bars on an exceptional basis

If you would like to make supplies of property or services in a bar on an exceptional basis, you must enter into a written agreement with the operator of the bar before you make any supplies. In this situation, you are not subject to any of the other mandatory billing measures.

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