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Obligation to Provide Bills to Clients

Whether you are registered for the QST or not, you have the absolute obligation to provide bills to your clients without delay and at all times, not just upon request.

The obligation to provide bills to clients also applies to deliveries and takeout orders. You must provide a bill even if the total amount of the bill is nil, which may happen when an item is free of charge.

What does it mean to provide clients with bills?

For the operator of a restaurant or bar, providing clients with bills means taking clear and concrete steps to give clients bills.

Naturally, the most obvious way for you to do so is to physically give the bill to the client.

There are, however, other ways. You could, for example, place the bill on a tray or in a glass presented to the client, or staple or otherwise attach it to a bag or box.

Taking clear and concrete steps to give your clients bills is the only way to meet the obligation of providing your clients with bills; simply asking clients if they would like a bill without taking clear and concrete steps to give them one is not enough.

Depending on your situation, consult one of the following two pages:

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