You Stop Using an SRS

If you do not stop your commercial activities but want to delete the digital certificates on your sales recording system (SRS) because they will no longer be used to send transaction data, you must use the appropriate SRS function.

If you cannot do so (because your equipment was stolen or is broken, for example), you can delete your digital certificates by:

You stop your commercial activities

You must notify us if you stop transporting passengers for remuneration since the mandatory billing measures will no longer apply to you. You must inform us of the date of your last trip and cancel your mandatory billing file number by:

  • using the service for managing your remunerated passenger transportation file in My Account for businesses;
  • completing form TR-350.61-V, Application to Open or Close an Operator File.

Your authorization code and digital certificates will be revoked on the date of your last trip. For greater security, we recommend that you also use the SRS function to delete your digital certificates.

Lifecycle of a mandatory billing file
Date Action Result
May 3 You receive your mandatory billing file number and authorization code and configure your SRS. You must always send the WEB-SRM the required information for each trip.
October 8 You request a replacement authorization code because you believe an employee stole the previous one. The new authorization code allows your SRS to continue sending transaction data.

You can no longer use your previous authorization code to obtain new digital certificates.
October 10 You configure two new SRSs using your new authorization code. You now have three SRSs that can send data to the WEB-SRM.
December 12 You stop your remunerated passenger transportation activities subject to the mandatory billing measures and file form TR-350.61-V to inform us of the date. We will deactivate your two authorization codes once we learn of the date on which you stopped your commercial activities. All digital certificates will be revoked.

For greater security, be sure to also delete the digital certificates from your SRSs.

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