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Sending Required Information to the WEB-SRM

You must always send the WEB-SRM the required information for each trip. To do so, you must log in to your user account.

You must log in securely (by using a user code and password, for example). You must open a sales recording system (SRS) session when your shift starts and end it when your shift is over.

If you decide to turn off the SRS or put it in sleep mode during your shift, you must log in again when you next use the SRS. Each SRS user must keep their password confidential.

Given the above, operators must ensure that data can be sent.

  • For trips under a contract that allows payment to not be made at the end of the trip or for public transit or paratransit, the data is not sent to us at the end of the trip but at a later time. For more information, see Contract with a Customer and Public Transit or Paratransit.
  • If you administer a remote server (i.e. a centralized computer system) that communicates directly with the WEB-SRM, see Server Administrator.
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Communication problems

If your SRS cannot communicate with the WEB-SRM for reasons beyond your control, you can still continue your activities, such as printing bills. Transaction data will automatically be stored in the SRS and sent in a batch when the connection is re-established and one of the following occurs:

  • a new transaction is successfully sent to the WEB-SRM;
  • transactions recorded when no connection was available are sent manually;
  • the user's session is ended correctly.

If you produce a bill while the SRS is having problems communicating with the WEB-SRM, it will not have the processing time and transaction number. However you can still give it to your customer as long as it has all the other required information. 

In this case, the note “PROBLÈME DE COMMUNICATION” (communication problem) must appear on the bill.

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If transaction data is stored in the SRS because of problems communicating with the WEB-SRM, you must ensure that the data is sent within 48 hours. Contact us if you cannot meet this deadline. 

If transaction data in a batch contains errors, the error messages can only be viewed using the appropriate service in My Account for businesses.

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