Creating at Least One User Account for Each SRS

Some sales recording systems (SRSs) can be used by multiple users. To identify the user for each transaction, each SRS user must have a personalized user account.

As the operator, you must create your own account and an account for each employee.


Follow the SRS developer's instructions to create a user account.

End of note

Once a user account is created, the SRS developer secures it so that only the operator assigned to the account can access it. The operator will also have access to an employee user account.

Operators can therefore access their and their employees' data but cannot access the data of other operators or their employees.

Validating tax registration numbers

To validate the GST and QST registration numbers in the SRS, you must send a validation request to the WEB-SRM for each user account associated with the SRS. The user account will be created if the numbers are valid. If the numbers are not valid, the user account will still be created but error messages will display in the SRS. You must therefore ensure that the numbers are valid because they will appear on your bills.

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