Obtaining Digital Certificates

The sales recording system (SRS) and our systems communicate online. Security measures must therefore be implemented to protect the confidential information they share. One such measure is digital certificates.

You must request digital certificates directly in the SRS, and you need a separate certificate for each SRS.

  • Follow the SRS developer's instructions to download a digital certificate.
  • If you have a back-office SRS, you must also request digital certificates for it using your authorization code.
End of note

Once you make your request, we will validate the information that the SRS sends us. If the information is valid, we will issue a digital certificate. If the information is not valid, the SRS will display an error message. In that case, we will not issue a certificate, and you will not be able to send transaction data with your SRS. You will then have to submit another certificate request.

Expiry of a digital certificate

A digital certificate expires in five years. Your SRS will display a message before your certificate expires. If your certificate has expired, you will not be able to send transaction data with your SRS. Be sure to replace your certificate before it expires.

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