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Configuring Required Equipment

To use a certified sales recording system (SRS), you must obtain a mandatory billing file number by asking us to open your taxi business operator file in one of the following ways:

Once you have received your file number, we will send you an authorization code so that you can configure your SRS and obtain a digital certificate.


Your authorization code is confidential. You are responsible for its use and must keep it in a secure location.

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Configuring your equipment allows you to:

  • implement the necessary security measures to protect the confidential information shared online between the SRS and our systems;
  • identify the SRS and user for each transaction sent to us.

Required information to configure your equipment

You will need the following information before you configure your equipment:

  • your business name;
  • the user's first and last name or the name of your taxi business;
  • the mandatory billing file number of your taxi business;
  • the QST registration number of your taxi business (e.g. 1234567890TQ0001);
  • the GST registration number of your taxi business (e.g. 123456789RT0001);
  • your authorization code;
  • the name you want to give the digital certificate in the service for managing your file in My Account for businesses (e.g. SRS Certificate ABC);
  • the province (QC) and country (CA) abbreviation for your taxi business's address;
  • the coordinated universal time (UTC) for your taxi business's address (e.g. -05:00 or -04:00 for the Îles-de-la-Madeleine). 
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