Required Equipment

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You must use the following equipment to produce bills:

Grant program

See Grant Program for more information.

Technological solution

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The WEB-SRM is a cloud computing environment that works as follows:

  • A certified sales recording system (SRS) collects transaction data and sends it securely to the WEB-SRM.
  • The WEB-SRM stores and validates data before sending it securely to our system.
  • At the same time:
    • A bill is produced using the SRS and given to the customer.
    • Our authorized employees can view WEB-SRM data recorded in our system.
    • Taxi business operators can also view this data in My Account for businesses.
Rollout of measures

The new mandatory billing measures for the remunerated passenger transportation sector will be phased in from December 1, 2020, to October 31, 2021.

As of November 1, 2021, all taxi business operators will have to follow all measures.

Certified SRSs

Be sure we have certified your SRS before you use it. See the list of certified SRSs for the remunerated passenger transportation sector. If a later version of a certified SRS is not recertified, we will allow that version to be used if it does not cause any technical issues.

A list of disallowed SRS versions is also available on our website. We may block the use of one of those versions. In that case, the SRS will display error messages informing you that you must contact the SRS developer immediately to ensure you are using an allowed version.

Receipt printer

You need a receipt printer if a customer requests a paper bill (for example, you accept a trip that has been hailed or ordered by phone).

You must ensure that the receipt printer is compatible with the SRS and can communicate with it in order to print bills that include all required information.

Contact the SRS developer to ensure that your equipment allows you to meet your mandatory billing obligations.


You do not need a receipt printer if you provide remunerated passenger transportation services solely through an automated solution that allows customers to consent in advance to receiving an electronic bill.

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