What Price Must Be Shown on the Bill?

The bill must show the before-tax amount of the trip fare, including the dues, for each trip.

Since January 1, 2021, $0.90 in dues must be collected on all trips subject to the dues. The dues are in addition to the fare and must be listed separately on bills given to customers. Fore more information, see Remunerated Passenger Transportation Dues.

The bill must also show the dues and taxes separately as well as the total amount of the bill, which is the sum of all charges and taxes. However, if you make a public transit or paratransit trip or a trip under a contract, you do not have to show the fare payable for each trip. The bill must, instead, show the total payable for all the trips.  

You must also identify the tax(es) on the trip fare as follows:

  • Enter F if only the GST applies.
  • Enter P if only the QST applies.
  • Enter FP if both the GST and QST apply.
  • Enter nothing if no tax applies.

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