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Types of Transactions

Four types of transactions can be entered in your sales recording system (SRS) and then sent to the WEB-SRM.

Closing receipt

This type of transaction is sent to the WEB-SRM when a remunerated passenger transportation transaction is closed. It must contain all prescribed information for producing a closing receipt, including the payment method or a note indicating that the amount was credited to the customer.


A closing receipt cannot be revised. If it must be changed (the payment method, for example), you must use the Corriger un reçu de fermeture (Correct a closing receipt) function on your SRS.

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Temporary bill

A temporary bill is an original bill. This type of transaction must be used when payment has not yet been received and payment information must still be sent to the WEB-SRM. It requires a closing receipt.


This type of transaction can be used if you have a contract with a customer or provide public transit or paratransit service. It must be considered an original bill. The note “ESTIMATION DES RENSEIGNEMENTS” (estimate) must appear on the estimate. It requires a closing receipt.


This type of transaction must be considered an original bill. The note “SOUMISSION” must appear on the quote. It requires a closing receipt if the customer accepts the quote.

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