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Each bill resulting from a transaction contains a unique identifier.

A reference is required for any transaction that modifies, revises or cancels a previous transaction or for a shared cost trip. It establishes a link between two or more transactions.

The initial transaction is the first sales transaction recorded. As a result, it cannot contain a reference to a previous transaction.


A temporary bill generally corresponds to the first transaction showing the amount the customer must pay. This transaction therefore cannot contain a reference.

However, when producing a closing receipt, your sales recording system (SRS) must automatically include a reference to the corresponding temporary bill.

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If a transaction is adjusted or modified, the new transaction must also contain a reference to the initial transaction. This can occur with a credit note.


A credit note is generally necessary if you or your driver(s) provide a refund or price reduction. In this case, a transaction for a negative amount must be sent to us. The transaction must also contain a reference to the credit note transaction.

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Depending on your SRS, you may have to enter the following information manually to identify the initial transaction:

  • the time (date, hour, minutes and seconds) the driver or individual sent us the prescribed information;
  • the amount before taxes.

For more information, see Producing a Bill with a Certified SRS.

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